Jeruel International Pty Ltd is a professional plastic packaging and labeling supplier in Australia, providing a wide range of plastic packaging and labeling products for consumer food, personal care and pharmaceutical application.

Our family-owned manufacturer, Jiaxing Package, located in Guangdong, China, has been established since 1992 and now is a leading plastic packaging provider granted with certifications of Quality Safety and ISO 9002 International Quality System, delivering sustainable and high-quality outcome. To meet a rising demand in Australia, Jeruel was formed and committed to bringing forth competitive products and excellent service. With our warehouse and showroom in Melbourne, we are confident to wholesale and retail various sizes of containers, bottles, jars, pails and buckets. And we also offer custom molding and labeling for our clients at a competitive price to suit special need or large quantity requirement directly from our factory in China.

We believe packaging is an art, an art to enhance brand value and minimize unnecessary cost.